We work every day for a better world. Join our team to help transition to a better food production system for the environment, human health, and animals.

Why work at GFI

If changing the world isn’t enough, here are more benefits of working at GFI.

Remote work with connected teams

  • Support for co-working

    Support for co-working

  • Financial support for local meetings

    Financial support for local meetings

  • Home office package

    Home office package

  • Remote and relaxed meetings

    Remote and relaxed meetings

Mission focus

Our primary focus is to improve the food production system for the planet, people, and animals. Our strategy prioritizes what has the most impact, sets clear objectives, and tracks progress.

  • Clear goals and objectives

    Clear goals and objectives

  • Solid donor support

    Solid donor support

  • Valuing diverse voices

    Valuing diverse voices

  • Professional and sophisticated technology and systems

    Professional and sophisticated technology and systems



We support our teams through competitive benefits and an emphasis on work-life balance. Our top priorities include attracting and retaining talent, cultivating a culture of care and openness to dialogue, and supporting each employee to remain motivated by our mission.

  • Medical assistance: Unimed Superior Insurance Plan, with coverage in the national territory and exempt from monthly co-payment and, in case of use, only for the employee. Plans for dependents can be contracted separately at the employee’s expense, with the possibility of payroll deduction.
  • Vale Flex (Swile): Card valid for food and meals. Current value: BRL 550.001¹
  • Day Care Assistance: Reimbursement of up to 30% of the total paid for the daycare center, limited to BRL 400.001. Up to 2 children up to 6 years old (the aid ceases to be paid when the child turns seven). Receipt required and sent on time every month.
  • Group life insurance.
  • Internet subsidies in the workplace and cell phone bills are limited to BRL 100.001 per service, accumulating a maximum amount of BRL 200.001. Receipt required and sent on time every month.
  • Computer (GFI asset).
  • Ergonomics Kit.
  • Birthday day off + BRL 100.00 voucher on the Ifood Corporativo platform 1.

Our organization

Our work is divided into seven teams to maximize efficiency and ensure our goals are achieved.

  • Executive and International

    Executive and International

    We advance innovation in alternative proteins in the most critical regions worldwide. We work to create local progress with global impact.

  • Science and Technology

    Science and Technology

    We connect scientific research, funding, and talent across the alternative protein sector.

  • Corporate Engagement

    Corporate Engagement

    We help the productive private sector – rural producers, large industries, retailers, and the innovation community (startups, investors, hubs) – to put alternative proteins on people’s tables. Scientific research, funding, and talent across the alternative protein industry.

  • Public Policies

    Public Policies

    We advance government investment in sustainable proteins as well as fair regulatory laws.

  • Communication


    We inform society about the main advances in the alternative protein sector in our media channels and engage the press to take our message further and further.

  • Development


    We connect donors with impactful solutions, access public notices and subsidies, and empower GFI to grow consistently and dynamically.

  • Collaborative Assistance

    Collaborative Assistance

    We ensure that GFI operates efficiently and that team members have the support they need to make an impact.

Our selection process

We work collaboratively to evaluate candidates, limit unconscious judgments, and hire the best professionals for our team. After publication and description of the job opening on our website and social media, our selection process takes place entirely online as follows:

  1. 1st Phase

    • You fill out an online form and attach your resume;
    • If your resume is selected, our HR team will contact you by phone to determine your interest in participating in the second Phase.
  2. 2nd Phase

    • Development of a job-themed project (timed project) to test your skills. You will have a predetermined deadline to develop it.
  3. 3rd Phase

    • If your project is one of those selected, you will be invited to participate in an interview with our management team;
    • If you are selected at this stage, there will be a last interview with our director of international relations in English;
    • Finally, there will be a meeting with the management team to formalize the completion of the selection process, which will invite you to join our team.

Open opportunities

Explore open opportunities to work at GFI Brazil.

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