First Look at Brazil’s Plant-Based Opportunities

Alternative proteins to conventional animal products already have a solid ground in developed countries with a fast growing number of companies and investments. Brazil is not falling behind due to its well known food production capacity with high levels of consumption rates in the country. Brazilians do enjoy and want to continue their barbecue without the issues brought by conventional meat consumption, and the plant-based industry offers the solution: tasty, convenient and healthier products in a country with high demand for food technology.

The need for more data in the fields that this market covers present itself, and there is no better time than now that GFI presents to you the first Market Report focused in the Plant-Based market in Brazil.

With an analysis of the impacts of the animal industry in the country as a whole, the situation of the country’s government and economy, and an overview of the food industry, the Market Report is made for any enthusiast looking for more information in the Brazilian plant-based market.

GFI will present a Brazilian Portuguese version in April. Without further ado, click here to access the English version of this report.

For any questions, please contact Brazil’s Innovation and Research Coordinator Felipe Krelling at