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More and more consumers are looking for alternatives to animal products that are as tasty, affordable, and convenient as their analogs. As a non-profit organization working to build a safer, fairer, and more sustainable food production system, we partner with private sector representatives to achieve far more impactful results for people and the planet than could otherwise be generated by isolated market efforts.

How we support the development of the sector

We support the food and ingredients industry, restaurants, and retailers in developing, improving, and distributing alternative protein-based products. We assist startups and investors in preparing business plans, financing, communication, commercialization, and regulation, in addition to producing relevant data and information for the market.

  • Our work with private sector partners worldwide enables the alternative protein industry to advance and make disruptive discoveries in the meat, egg, milk, and dairy sectors. We analyze the market to identify gaps and emerging opportunities and provide open-access information with consumer data and insights. We are often the bridge that connects challenge and solution, connecting potential business partners in activities that can revolutionize the market. We are also great articulators and facilitators capable of supporting companies in building business strategies and launching products.

We look across the entire supply chain to identify the most impactful business activities to ensure the scale and financial results needed to advance the next generation of alternative proteins. Thus, we hope to support the sector in delivering consumers’ most valued characteristics: taste, price, and convenience.

In addition, we guide retailers to identify the best way to take these products to our consumers. Understanding purchase routes within stores, connecting new companies to their ecosystem, supporting the generation of essential data for the category, and providing guidance on best practices to increase sales of plant foods.

We build relationships with world-leading companies in the food, ingredients, and equipment sector, providing the necessary information to generate disruptive processes within their structures.

Along with the investor network, we analyze and present market information from various institutions, including venture capital, private equity, family offices, banks, corporations, and investor groups. We also work with industry experts to identify, catalog, and analyze concrete ideas about market opportunities.

We support startups to help them succeed in funding rounds through actions such as pitch deck analysis and strategic planning discussions. In addition, we connect more than 1,300 entrepreneurs, investors, and scientists through our Good Food Ideas (GFIdeas) community to learn from food industry experts and make fruitful connections. Access our Guide for Startups to learn how to develop your business and find investments.

We also work with innovation hubs such as accelerators and incubators, supporting them in strategies to attract, develop, and train entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses that work with alternative proteins to thrive.

Globally, through market research highlighting the rapid growth of plant-based meat, eggs, and dairy products, we identify critical opportunities within each category. Our alternative protein industry analysis, white papers e company and investor database make accelerating R&D, innovation, industry collaborations, product launches, and scaling easy. Our consumer reviews identify current and potential consumers of alternative proteins and describe their motivations, adoption, perceptions, and barriers.

In Brazil, we are recognized as a reference in compiling and creating relevant data on the alternative protein market in the country and its consumers. Read our publications.

Learn about our publications

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Support for the alternative protein industry

Integrating the agricultural, industrial, scientific, and technological sectors is essential for the Brazilian alternative protein sector to continue growing and becoming a world reference. Therefore, GFI Brazil created a Manifesto in which signatory companies reinforce their engagement in this new market and recognize GFI as a legitimate and competent actor to articulate actions to promote this ecosystem.

Subscribing it does not entail legal liability and does not transfer negotiating power to GFI on behalf of your company. If your business is a food and/or ingredient industry, startup, or investor, upon signing the Manifesto, you will be invited to join the Working Group on Alternative Proteins, created within the Association of Industrial Biotechnology (ABBI), which monthly brings together the industry to address relevant issues in the sector.

Read the full Manifesto in PT or ENG 


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Advertise your co-packer

Advertise your co-packer

Targeted at industries that offer co-packing services or outsource some stage in the production process of the plant-based industry. This registration will be the basis for connections with potential customers and industries searching for co-packing services.

Raise investments for your business

Raise investments for your business

For startups and companies raising investment, regardless of the maturity of the funding round. Our goal is to maintain a database with information about the timing of each startup, investment size, and investor profile.

GFIdeias Global Community

GFIdeas is a community for entrepreneurs and scientists creating alternatives to conventional animal products. If your studies or work are related to alternative proteins, you can be part of our community.

Join our donor community

All of the work done by GFI is free, so donations from our community of supporters are essential.