At GFI, we are building a world where alternative proteins are no longer alternative.

The Good Food Institute is a nonprofit, philanthropically funded organization that works internationally to accelerate innovation in the alternative protein industry.

We believe that by developing products made from plants, cultivated from cells, or obtained by fermentation, we can mitigate the environmental impact of our food system, lower the risk of zoonotic diseases, feed more people with fewer resources, and promote a sustainable food production chain that does not depend on animals.

The challenges we are facing

With our work, we seek solutions to solve four significant current challenges:

  • Chart about safe food in the world by 2050
  • Gráfico about climate change
  • Chart about new diseases of animal origin
  • Chart about animal dependency

Learn about our areas of expertise:

With donor support, GFI is developing a strategy to create a fair, safe, and sustainable food production system. To that end, we identify the most effective solutions, advance open-access research, bring new talent to the field, and empower partners.

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Science and Technology
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Science and Technology

Explore the science behind the technologies used to produce plant-based, cultivated, and fermented proteins. Discover new research and funding opportunities, as well as open-access tools.

Public Policies
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Public Policies

As a nonprofit organization, we advocate for fair policies and public funding for developing plant-based, cell-grown, or fermented meat, eggs, milk, and dairy products.

Corporate Engagement
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Corporate Engagement

Find market opportunities, open-access information, and guidelines designed to produce and market alternative proteins.

Brazilian potential

Brazil is a crucial country for the global food industry, with the potential to lead the world market for alternative proteins, moving from being just the breadbasket to also being the world’s supermarket.

By diversifying our economic matrix, we can supply the country, conquer the international market with unique flavors, and contribute to preserving the environment, positively impacting the local economy.

Support our work

All of GFI’s work is given free to society thanks to the support of our global family of donors. Philanthropic resources are vital to our mission. Contact our team to discover how you can help drive this transformative work forward.

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Como anda a indústria plant-based no Brasil? Nova pesquisa do GFI traz análises  para a indústria de proteínas alternativas e revela perfil e anseios do consumidor.