At a pivotal moment for global climate, the Paris Agreement calls on signatory countries to devise strategies to limit global warming to 1.5°C by 2030. This goal won’t be met unless we transform our food system, which accounts for 34% of greenhouse gas emissions.

Animal protein production alone is responsible for 17% of this total, according to the Nature Food Journal (2021). It’s in response to this challenge that the Global Coalition for Alternative Proteinswas born – a voluntary initiative dedicated to mitigating the environmental impacts of agriculture and reducing the climate footprint of our current food systems.

There’s no time to waste: the food revolution is a key ingredient in reaching our global climate goals, and it starts now, right on our plates. 

But this movement can’t happen alone: we invite you to join us, seeking more sustainable alternatives for a healthier planet and population.

We are united by commitments that shape a sustainable and fair tomorrow for all

The goal is ambitious,
but it’s possibile

-25% CO2 emissions by 2030 to limit the increase to 2°C.


Countries that signed the Paris Agreement project a 16% increase in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, when a 25% and 45% reduction would be necessary to limit global warming to 2°C and 1.5°C, respectively.

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In 2050, there will be almost 10 billion people in the world.

To feed the entire population the way we do today, our food production will need to increase by 70%, requiring even more resources such as land and water.​

Our planet is at risk

Studies from Ce Delf & The Good Food Institute (2021) indicate that 14 to 20% of the emission reductions the world needs by 2050 could come from diversifying human protein sources. The Alternative Proteins Global Coalition emerges as a response to this urgent need. Beyond reducing environmental impacts, we aim to enhance food security, improve food quality, promote animal welfare, and generate economic opportunities. If you represent a company or organization and wish to be part of this transformation, join our Coalition.

To make alternative proteins a staple in our food system, it’s essential to form partnerships for funding, promote agricultural innovation, and educate the public on their benefits. More than just an alternative, these proteins can pave the way to an environmentally responsible future, aligned with sustainable production and mindful consumption practices. The potential impact is huge, but to achieve it, we need the collaboration of companies, investors, research institutions, and many others.

As a member of the Coalition, your organization will be in good company. Among our signatories are representatives from businesses, investors, governmental bodies, scientists, and more. Together, we host workshops, share research and strategies, with the goal of overcoming barriers and establishing alternative proteins as a widely accepted and desired choice for consumers.

Joining the Coalition comes with some commitments. We expect all members to align with the principles that drive us, ranging from recognizing the potential of alternative proteins in tackling the climate crisis to actively promoting this sector through communication and education efforts.

By becoming a part of the Coalition, you’re not just joining forces for an ecological cause but also taking a strategic stance, anticipating a growing trend: the shift of consumers towards healthier, low-impact food options. This is a visionary choice that underscores your commitment to the future and the rising interests of your consumers.

Change is within our grasp, but we need your assistance to realize it. If your organization recognizes the significance of alternative proteins and wishes to be a part of this food revolution, join the Alternative Proteins Global Coalition.

We are eager to work with you towards a more sustainable world.

Let’s make it happen!

We view the presented data with concern, underscoring the importance of Alternative Proteins as a vital tool in the strategy to mitigate the climate crisis. The existence of this Coalition is dedicated to amplifying the socio-environmental benefits of these proteins. To achieve this, we operate on four fronts to integrate alternative proteins into our food system.

Advancements in global commitments to agricultural innovation.

Development of regulatory frameworks favorable to innovation.

Raising awareness about the benefits of alternative proteins.

Partnerships for funding research in alternative proteins.

Be part of the change!

With alternative proteins, we stand a better chance of reaching this goal. Join us in this mission.

Who's already on board

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