Accelerating the Regulatory Framework for alternative proteins

GFI Brazil commissioned the production of three regulatory studies on cultured, plant-based, and fermented food technologies to Ital and handed them over to the Brazilian government in March 2022. The studies will be used as the scientific basis for the regulatory debate, ongoing in the government until the end of 2023.

Among the most important results of this action, we highlight that the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Supply (MAPA) will be in charge of regulating the production and distribution of processed plant-based products. The idea is to ensure the coexistence of animal and vegetable protein sources. Moreover, MAPA released in April a public consultation on the new legislation on beverages, which includes plant-based ones in the concept of vegetable drinks.


“We are fully convinced of the coexistence of the two sources (vegetable and animal). Both will grow and there is room to order this market while it is growing” – Glauco Bertoldo – Director of DIPOV/MAPA during Expomeat, III International Fair of the Animal and Vegetable Protein Processing Industry.